Reengineering our website: why, what, and how?

Every website needs a periodic refresh as the digital landscape is constantly evolving. Here at nonprofit publisher Annual Reviews, six years have elapsed since our last major redesign, and we wanted to upgrade our user experience. We are pleased to announce a number of site enhancements that will benefit our online community.

For readers:

  • Automatic optimization of on-screen experience for all devices and screen sizes, and seamless pairing to an institutional subscription
  • New article layout and functionality facilitates rapid scanning for easier online reading
  • Search functionality provides more flexible filtering with improved image, author, and multimedia results

For authors:

  • A new section highlights information for preparing the review that you were invited to write, including journal-specific requirements

For librarians:

  • Dedicated section provides improved, centralized navigation to Librarian and Agent resources
  • Specialized functions for account administration remain unchanged but we have enhanced account security

“We are delighted to offer our end-users and stakeholders a more modern, adaptable and intuitive experience,” said Director of Technology Paul Calvi. “This reengineering has been made possible thanks to the partnership between the talented crew here at Annual Reviews, our design agency Interactive Strategies and advances in our online publishing platform, Literatum by Atypon Systems Inc”.

new_logoSome of you may have noticed that our logo has also evolved. Our goal here was to make it just a little easier to read online. As for the different stripes, they represent the colored bindings of our print editions which have been such an important part of our history.

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    • We do. However they are currently offline while we fix some technical issues. Our IT team hopes to have them back up shortly. Thanks for raising this, we miss them too!

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