Connect With Our Experts using Remarq

We are pleased to announce a partnership with Remarq, a new scholarly collaboration network from RedLink, that facilitates online annotation and encourages informed conversation between readers, authors, and editors. To use this new service, sign up here.

Annual Reviews President and Editor-In-Chief Richard Gallagher said:

“We are excited to introduce the Remarq scholarly collaboration network on the Annual Reviews site. Remarq promotes informed discussion and teaching by facilitating annotation of our articles. You can make your comments available to the entire audience or restrict them to personal use. A group sharing option will soon be added. I encourage all users to sign up. It truly is an opportunity to ‘Connect With Our Experts’.”

Watch this two minute video to find out how it works:

  1. Readers register with Remarq, using your ORCID, LinkedIn credentials, or email address.
  2. Authors may register with Remarq and then claim their articles. Remarq will alert authors every time a reader posts a question or comment in relation to their article.
  3. Users can make annotations and notes that are either private or public.  In the coming weeks, Remarq will also add a feature to allow the creation of collaborative groups.
  4. To maintain an appropriately high level of discourse on our site, we are drafting guidelines for constructive engagement.
  5. Article sharing is encouraged and permitted within the Remarq network and participants may do so without fear of breaking copyright rules.
Remarq commenting box

We will be writing to all our authors soon to encourage them to register, but if you want to get started now you can sign up here.

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