Reengineered website – site video guides

The new Annual Reviews website was recently reengineered with the unique needs of researchers, librarians and agents, and authors in mind. Recognizing that change usually requires some readjustment, our IT project coordinator Andrea Burtness has developed a series of short videos to quickly walk end-users through our enhancements. Each video has closed captioning available in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Arabic, Japanese, Simple Chinese, and Korean.

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Group Affect

We always think of emotions as an internal feelings. Research, however, shows that emotions are contagious, and can spread quickly amongst co-workers.

Studies have even demonstrated that shared positive and negative emotions influence productivity. So how does emotional contagion help maintain group cohesiveness in a professional environment, and how can leaders cultivate positive affect for better results?

Sigal Barsade and Andrew Knight discuss their work in their article on group affect and its accompanying animated video:

Group Affect from Annual Reviews on Vimeo.